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Welcome to

Valley View Baptist Church!

Here at VVBC we are committed to the message of the Gospel and the redemption of Jesus Christ for all people. We believe that as a body of believers we are on a mission to tell the world about God and His love for everyone. Our mission revolves are the belief of See, Share and Serve Christ.

See Christ
We want everyone to see the beauty of Jesus—-both in who he is and what 
he’s done. We see Christ through preaching,
singing, praying, reading the Bible, and other acts of worship.

Share Christ
We work to make Jesus better known to everyone—in our church, our 
community, and the world. We share Christ through speaking of our faith, 
teaching one another, joining in missions, and other acts of sharing.

Serve Christ
We wish to obey Jesus and do the things he commands of us. We serve 
Christ through meeting the needs of our church family,
ministering to those in our care, and other acts of service.

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